June Dances

The 1st Saturday this month is also the first day of the month! June 1st! The current plan is to have this Saturday’s dance at the church again, since we don’t have an alternate plan scheduled. PLEASE SEE NOTE BELOW ABOUT THE GRANGE HALL.

We will be dancing the 1st Saturday. We will be moving the dance time to 7-9pm.

Location is at The Rock Church

11220 Lone Star Rd.
Nampa, Idaho

There is a map to the location on the About Page.

The 3rd Saturday this month is June 15th. This is also Laurene’s husband’s birthday. As of the date of this post (May 27th) we are unsure whether we will be dancing that day or not. Please watch your email for updates!

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Laurene has been in contact with the Nampa Grange and we will need to charge a small fee (about $5-10) per person for use of the facility, however they do have a wood floor that is sprung (this means it bounces a little when you dance on it), so it is good for dancing. Our dancers who have had pain from dancing on the cement floor will enjoy the grange floor much more. One caveat is that we will no longer be able to have the dances on Saturdays, as their Saturday rental fee is much higher than weeknights. So to move our dances to the Nampa Grange will mean that we need to move our dances to a weeknight. Please be thinking of that! What weeknight would you want?

The next SCOTTISH DANCE class is going to be Monday, June 3rd. Please consider attending their dance as an opportunity to try out the dance floor. Attendance is $5 per person. We are planning to be there as well, barring unforeseen circumstances.
Nampa Valley Grange Hall
203 5th Ave South, Nampa.